Roman Numeral Converter

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Enter Number or Numeral to Convert


  • Enter the arabic number or roman numeral that you wish to convert.
  • Arabic numbers from 1 to 3,999,999 can be converted.
  • The normal extended notation, meaning times 1000, is to put a bar over the letter.
  • Because there are no computer letters with bars over them, this form uses lower case letters instead.
  • 1000 is alternatively represented by i (I). This will be converted to m (M).

Please see the Wikipaedia article on Roman Numerals for a more extensive discussion and additional links.

This program uses the algorithm described in detail at However, this program is written in javascript and uses extended numerals increasing the maximum from 3,999 to 3,999,999.

The idea for using i (I) as well as m (M) to represent 1,000 came from though he uses different algorithms. If you are a teacher, though, has the options of both on line and printed tests.